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Work from Home Expenses: 2023 Update

As the new year begins, the remote work landscape is evolving, bringing significant changes to how work from home expenses are approached. The transition away from the temporary measures set up during the COVID-19 pandemic marks a pivotal moment in 2023.

Notably, the straightforward and widely utilized $2 per day flat-rate method has come to an end, alongside the expiration of the simplified detailed method. These measures, initially introduced as quick solutions for the 2020 to 2022 tax years, offered flexibility during unprecedented times but are no longer available.

The $2 per day flat-rate method is no longer an option. This change underscores the importance of understanding the new standards for claiming work from home expenses. For those seeking a brief overview, this marks a significant shift towards more traditional, detailed accounting of work from home deductions. If you're looking for comprehensive insights and guidance on navigating these changes, continue reading for a detailed exploration.

The Detailed Method: Navigating 2023's Work from Home Deductions

With the sunset of temporary relief measures, the Detailed Method emerges as the primary avenue for claiming work from home expenses in 2023. This approach, while more demanding in terms of documentation and record-keeping, enables a precise calculation of actual expenses incurred during remote work.

Understanding the Detailed Method

The detailed method for claiming home-office expenses applies to all eligible employees, so you can claim a deduction if you qualify. In order to be eligible to claim home-office expenses, an employee must:


For a comprehensive understanding of the eligibility requirements, it's advisable to consult the CRA’s website.


Eligible Home Expenses Under the Detailed Method

Employees opting for the Detailed Method need to keep meticulous records of the following expenses incurred while working from home:

  • Electricity

  • Heat

  • Water

  • Utility portion of condo fees

  • Home internet access fees

  • Maintenance and minor repair costs

  • Home rent expense

Additionally, commission-based employees can also claim:

  • Home Insurance

  • Property taxes

  • Lease costs for work-related equipment like cell phones, computers, and laptops.

Non-claimable expenses

  • Mortgage payments

  • Home internet connection fees

  • Furniture

  • Capital expenses (Renovations to the home)

  • Wall Decorations

Calculating Your Home Office Size for Deductions

The amount you can deduct for work from home expenses largely depends on the size of your workspace relative to your entire home.

For instance, if your office is 100 sq. ft. and your home is 1,000 sq. ft. you may claim 10% of your eligible expenses.

The CRA provides illustrated guidance on how to calculate the size of your Home Work Space.


Shared Space or Common Areas

For shared spaces or common areas, the deductible percentage must be adjusted according to the hours spent in the space.


For example, working 40 hours in a common area of a home can lead to a pro-rated deduction of 2.38% of your expenses (10% space usage x 23.8% time usage), based on a standard 168-hour week.


In households with multiple remote workers, it's important to strategically allocate shared expenses since each can only be claimed once.


 Eligible Office Supplies and Phone Expenses

You may claim consumable items directly used in the course of your employment, like paper, pens, and ink cartridges. However, durable items like webcams and USB keys are not eligible.


The CRA provides  a list of common eligible office supplies.


For phone expenses, a portion of your basic service plan can be claimed, provided it's reasonably divided between employment and personal use. The purchase cost of the phone and related accessories are not deductible.

Other Employment Expenses

All Eligible Employees

  • Allowable motor vehicle expenses, excluding the commute to and from work

  • Travel expenses,

  • Parking costs,

  • Supplies,

  • Other miscellaneous work-related expenses


Exclusively for Commissioned Employees

·        Professional fees for accounting and legal services.

·        Advertising and promotion costs.

·        Food, beverages, and entertainment, within CRA's guidelines.

·        Lodging expenses for work-related travel.


Exclusive Work From Home Excel Template for Clients

Clearly Financials is committed to supporting our clients through every financial aspect, including optimizing work from home deductions. Our exclusive Excel template is specifically designed to help our clients itemize and maximize their deductions effectively.

This tool is part of our tailored suite of services, demonstrating our dedication to your financial success. Available exclusively to our clients, this template is a testament to our promise to provide exceptional service.

Maximizing Your Claims

Navigating work from home deductions can be complex, but with the right approach and professional guidance, you can fully leverage the available tax benefits. We encourage you to consult with our tax professionals to optimize your deductions and navigate the intricacies of these claims.

For personalized advice or assistance, Clearly Financials is here to help. Our team is dedicated to ensuring you navigate these updates with confidence and ease.


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The information provided in this blog post is a simplified overview of complex matters and may not cover all the nuances of your particular accounting or tax situation. The content is intended for general educational purposes only and should not be taken as legal or financial advice. We strongly recommend consulting with a qualified professional before making any financial decisions based on the information provided. Please note that tax laws and regulations can change frequently, and we cannot guarantee the accuracy or completeness of the information provided in this post.


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