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Personal Taxes


The Clearly Financials Personal Tax Process

1. Complete your personal tax intake form

This crucial step allows us to customize our services to your unique situation, potentially uncovering overlooked deductions.

2. Sign Your Tax Proposal

After submitting your intake form, you'll receive a personalized proposal via email. This will outline the scope of our tax services, ensuring full transparency and that we meet your expectations.

3. Upload your tax documents to your tax checklist

You'll be provided with a secure, personalized tax checklist for uploading documents and making comments. Rest assured, our platform uses advanced security protocols to protect your sensitive information.


Attachments must be in PDF, Word, or Excel format.

If providing a spreadsheet, please send it in Excel format. 


Please compile all relevant tax slips, noting that the majority are issued by February 28th. For those with investment income, T3 slips may arrive by March 31st. If you need to send documents separately, please email them to

4. Preparation of Your Tax Return(s)

Our team will prepare your personal tax return in 3 stages.

Draft preparation

We enter the data that you provide to us.

  • Differences from the previous year are analyzed.

  • We review for areas that may require more information and may ask additional questions.


Detailed review

Our first review focuses on technical accuracy.

  • We inspect your tax return from top to bottom.

  • Changes to your tax situation are reviewed to maximize tax deductions and ensure compliance.


Strategic review

Our second review focuses on tax planning.

  • We take a step back to ensure that your tax return reflects our expectations for your tax situation.

  • We have another look for areas to maximize your tax efficiency.


5. Review and Sign

We will send you a copy of your tax return(s) to review and sign before submission to CRA.


6. Pre-Filing Review Meeting (Optional)

If you have questions about your tax situation or tax return, book a meeting to meet with one of our team members.



We will transmit your personal tax return to the Canada Revenue Agency.


8. Continuing Care

We are happy to assist you with any questions or concerns that you might have.


The typical processing time for your Notice of Assessment (NOA) from the CRA is up to 10 business days. Once you receive your NOA, review it to ensure that it matches your personal tax filing. Please reach out for assistance if there are any differences.

Call us at 780-988-9812 if you have any questions
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