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Personal Taxes


Personal Taxes

Clearly Financials Accounting provides tax services including:

  • Personal tax returns

  • Tax planning and advice 

  • Self-employed schedules

  • Rental activity schedules

  • Cryptocurrency, sharing economy, and ecommerce

  • Calculation to maximize your tax credits, and more!

Personal tax returns

start at

$249 + GST for individuals

$349 + GST for couples.


The Clearly Financials Personal Tax Process


At Clearly Financials for your tax needs, our team takes great pride in preparing your tax returns. We are dedicated to maximizing your tax credits and deductions to ensure you get the most out of your tax situation.


At Clearly Financials, we use an 8 Step Personal Tax Process.





Visit our Resources Page for sample worksheets to add up your income and expenses.


Alternatively, our team can calculate your income and expenses for you from your source documents.


We can provide a quote based on the volume of transactions

Preparation of Statement of Real Estate Rentals

$149 + GST


Moving expenses

If you moved 40km or more for the purpose of: employment, business, or schooling, you may be eligible to claim moving expenses.


Moving expense claims are highly scrutinized for the CRA and careful documentation is important.

$149 + GST

Our team will work with you to maximize your eligible moving expense claims to get you your best return possible.

Preparation of Statement of Business Activities

$149 + GST


Preparation of Statement of Employment Expenses


$149 + GST



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