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2020 Personal Tax Reminders and Resources

Updated: Mar 9, 2021

It's that time of year again! Welcome to the 2020 Personal Tax Season. There is a lot of information to remember for tax time. The team at Clearly Financials would like to share some resources and reminders to help individuals and families in our local Edmonton community prepare for their 2020 personal taxes.


What's New?

Working from home?

Read our Working from Home (WFH) post for valuable tips

Received COVID-19 Aid?

Read our Tax Implications for COVID-19 Aid Recipients post for valuable tips


Relatively New (2019 Updates)

Climate Action Incentive

Residents of Alberta (as of December 31, 2020) may be eligible to receive the Climate Action Incentive.

Basic Amount $490

Spouse or common-law partner amount $245

Qualified dependant amount $123

Single parent's qualified dependant amount $245

Canada Training Credit

Starting in 2019, If you met certain conditions, you may have qualified to accumulate $250 per year (maximum of $5,000 per lifetime) to be used to calculate your Canada Training Credit. This credit may be used if you attend an educational institution in Canada, for a value of up to 50% of your eligible tuition.

Home Buyer’s Plan (HBP)

The maximum amount that you can withdraw from your registered retirement savings plan (RRSP) under the HBP increased to $35,000 for withdrawals made after March 19, 2019.

The HBP is now available to individuals who experienced a breakdown in their marriage or common-law partnership.



Eliminated Credits

The child fitness, child arts, and public transit tax credits are no longer available.

The Federal Education and Textbook credits have also been eliminated. Existing credits may still be used or carried forward.

Unclaimed CRA Cheques

Setup your CRA “My Account” to look for unclaimed CRA cheques. The “uncashed cheques” link may be found in other “related services.”

Disposition of Principal Residence

Starting with 2016 tax returns, the CRA requires taxpayers to report the sale of their principal residence. This applies even if there was no gain on the property. It is very important to let our office know if you disposed of any real estate.


Clearly Financials Resources

2021 Personal Tax Rate Guide

Click here for a free copy of our updated 2021 Tax Guide. This valuable guide lists out the tax brackets for Alberta and is full of useful tax information.

Spreadsheet Templates

Visit our resources page for spreadsheet templates.

PDF Checklists

Our resources page has PDF tax checklists.

· Personal Tax Checklist – If you prefer to print out a copy rather than using our online form.


Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) Administrative Updates

CRA Processing Times

Click here to view CRA processing times.

CRA Telephone Numbers

Please note that telephone wait times have been extremely long so far in 2021. We recommend that you use your CRA My Account” rather than calling the CRA if possible.

Individual Inquiries: 1-800-959-8281

Businesses Inquiries: 1-800-959-5525

COVID-19 Benefit Program Inquiries: 1-833-966-2099

Click here for the CRA’s Contact Page.


In Closing

We understand that these are challenging times for many individuals and families in Edmonton. We are working diligently at Clearly Financials to support our local communities through these unprecedented changes.

Realize that you are not alone, that we are in this together and most importantly that there is hope.


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This is a summarized version of complex matters that are rapidly changing. The preceding information is provided for general, educational purposes only. Speak with one of our team members if you have any questions about your specific accounting or tax situation.


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