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At Clearly Financials we pride ourselves in providing top quality work at reasonable prices. Our comprehensive accounting procedures and accurate review processes provide unparalleled value to our clients.

From start to finish, beginning with incorporation, to the day-to-day bookkeeping and payroll, to filing annual returns and corporate taxes, we are here to provide your business with all of the essentials that it needs to run smoothly and profitably.

In an effort to help our business clients to save money on their tax preparation services we make an extra effort to evaluate our client's records and then provide them with recommendations for the next year.

Our recommendations will make the job more efficient saving you, the client, time and money.

Clearly Financials Provides the Following Services

Corporate Taxes

Clearly Financials keeps up-to-date on current tax laws and legislation in order to provide our clients with the taxation expertise and knowledge that they deserve. We work with our clients to identify key tax planning opportunities to minimize your current and future tax liabilities.

Clearly Financials provides personalized tax services including the following:

  • Tax planning for corporations

  • Corporate tax returns

  • GST returns

  • T4 and T5 calculations and preparation


We provide accurate financial information to our clients in a timely manner. Clearly Financials Accounting helps its clients to become more efficient, saving them time and money. Well-organized and meaningful accounting records ensure that your business can run more efficiently daily, and also compliment business planning.

Clearly Financials Accounting provides personalized accounting services including the following:

  • Financial Statement preparation

  • Compilation of financial statements

  • Other agreed-upon accounting procedures


As your business grows, it is inevitable that you will hire more employees. Clearly Financials Accounting can assist you in developing an effective payroll system that is reliable and efficient, saving you time and effort. Our firm can also help perform your payroll tasks in a timely and accurate manner.

Our services include:

  • Set up of Canada Revenue Agency payroll accounts and employee accounts

  • ROE services

  • Preparation of T4's and T5's


Depending on your specific needs, you may want to consider incorporating your business. Clearly Financials will go through the advantages and disadvantages with you, and assist you making the decision that makes the most sense for you.

Our firm will then help you take care of all of the steps from start to finish.

We offer incorporation services to new or existing clients of Clearly Financials. We also offer the filing of annual returns and other necessary corporate filings.


Advisory Services

We are pleased to announce our expanded suite of advisory services performed by our partners.   

Business Valuation

Our team of valuators can help you quantify the value of your business, security, or intangible asset. This valuable service is useful for situations including: tax and estate planning, matrimonial disputes, shareholder disputes, business sales and acquisitions, and commercial damages quantification.


Transaction Advisory Services

We can help you navigate through the process of buying or selling a business. Our team can review and interpret financial information and even help you with the negotiation process.



Personal Taxes

Clearly Financials Accounting keeps up-to-date on current tax laws and legislation in order to provide our clients with the taxation expertise and knowledge that they deserve. We work with our clients to identify key tax planning opportunities to minimize your current and future tax liabilities.

Clearly Financials Accounting provides tax services including the following:

Personal tax returns

Tax planning and advice for individuals

Preparation of business schedules for small businesses

Preparation of rental schedules

Calculation to maximize your tax credits, and MORE!

Annual Returns

Alberta corporations are required to file an annual return with the Alberta Government. These have nothing to do with income taxes.

Annual returns are typically sent to corporations and registered businesses on the anniversary date of their incorporation or registration. Failing to file these returns can cause a corporation to be removed from the Alberta Corporation Registries active record.

Clearly Financials Accounting will:

  • File your Alberta Annual Return automatically, ensuring that your company maintains good standing within the Corporate Registry System

Business Registration

As a new or existing business, you will need to make sure that your business permits, accounts and licenses are up to date. Clearly Financials Accounting will take care of these details for you so that you can focus on what you do best, your business.

Our services include:

  • Business permit and license applications for both commercial and home-based locations

  • WCB applications for your business

  • Set up of GST, Corporate Business, and Payroll accounts

Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) Representation and Payment Plans

If you are behind on filing your tax returns or paying your tax instalments, the Canada Revenue Agency may take further action against you. This may include: withholding tax refunds and GST credits, garnishing your wages, taking funds from your bank account, or placing a lien on any real property that you own.

Clearly Financials Accounting will take care of the entire situation for you and reduce your stress. Even if you had another accountant file the taxes that are being assessed, we will be the main point of contact and correspond with the CRA on your behalf. We will assist in negotiating a payment plan that is affordable for you and acceptable by the Canada Revenue Agency. Clearly Financials Accounting will help you in any manner that we can.


Corporate Finance

Financial statements tell a story - as your financial experts we can help you understand what your money is telling you.  This will allow you to make more informed decisions in order to run your business at its optimal performance. Our team can also work with lenders to find you better rates.


Other Advisory Services

Including forecasting, budgeting, payroll, business plan creation, and more!

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