About Us

At Clearly Financials, we care about our clients.

We use an extensive review process to ensure that your records are kept accurately and also to make sure that your tax deductions and credits are maximized. Our goal is to make every dollar count for you.

Our policies and procedures that we hold our accounting services to exceed the high levels of standards and expectations that professional accounting firms must abide by. We take care of our clients by providing top-notch and professional services, and being able to communicate this to our clients in a meaningful way.


 Mission Statement

Clearly Financials strives be a distinguished accounting firm creating meaningful
relationships with small businesses and individuals in Alberta by offering quality
accounting and tax services and advice in a friendly environment.

Our Vision

Clearly Financials is passionate about providing value to our clients and staff, and maintaining an inviting and engaging atmosphere. We believe that building meaningful relationships is a cornerstone of our business.


Kelvin Leung, CPA, CMA

Kelvin is a dedicated and intelligent tax accountant, and has been running his own firm since 2007. He earned his Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) in Accounting (with distinction!) from the University of Alberta. Kelvin also holds both the Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) and Certified Management Account (CMA) designations, two of the industry’s highest designations.

Kelvin has a philosophy of putting the needs of his clients above all else. He is passionate about gaining an understanding of each client’s situation, allowing him to maximize their tax deductions and credits. He is able to communicate financial information in every day terms, and helps clients in identifying areas that can be improved upon.

Previously, Kelvin has worked for the Canada Revenue Agency where he gained knowledge of the inside workings of the agency. Kelvin has also worked for a Chartered Accounting firm where he gained experience in completing hundreds of returns.

In his personal time, Kelvin is passionate about trying new experiences and has enjoyed: cycling, ultimate Frisbee, rock-climbing, martial arts, volleyball, yoga, scuba diving, fencing, Latin dance and archery to name a few things!

Kelvin Leung was voted as one of the "Top 5 Accountants" in Edmonton. Click here to see the article.